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Master Merlini

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MASTER MERLINI - IS HE REAL? IS HE FICTION? Escape artist, crime fighter, adventurer - MASTER MERLINI is all of these things... and more. More than he ever suspected, as he battles the villainous CALIGARI and a mysterious woman helps him discover an incredible truth about his world and his existence!
Written by Cy Dethan, author of the acclaimed Cancertown series, with art from Giancarlo Caracuzzo, the first MASTER MERLINI audio comic plunges the hero into a strange world beyond our own, tied to a real world event in New York on April 18th 2013!
With a full audio 'play' to accompany the comic, escape artist tricks revealed in exclusive videos, animations and extra background information on some of the characters, Master Merlini will leave you wondering... where does fiction end and reality begin?
Script: Cy Dethan based on a concept by Jonathan Kendrick & David Merlini - Art by Giancarlo Caracuzzo - Colour by Kirsty Swan - Letters and Digital Mastering by Jim Campbell
Voice Artists: David Merlini, Shawn Curran, Kirstin Reitter and George Sanders
- Full length comic strip adventure starring Master Merlini - Full length accompanying soundtrack - Exclusive escape artist trick videos- Animated sequences offering alternate storytelling (selected pages) - Background feature on escape artist Merlini